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Scotlug - April 29th 2021

The next ScotLUG will be on 29th April 2021. …

PeerTube Glasgow launch

Hi all, PeerTube Glasgow just launched! …

Just found out about this: "The Children’s Wood on North Kelvin Meadow, and the Meadow itself, make up the last wild space in the west-end of Glasgow. This space is vitally important to the community. Regular events are organised by the community in The Children’s Wood, designed to connect children …

Glasgow.social - Online poker tournament - Sat 27th Feb

All levels welcome. We’re playing a £5 Texas hold’em tournament from 6:30pm, with a cash game to follow afterwards if anybody wants to keep playing. …

ScotLUG :: February 25th 2021 :: Post-FOSDEM Meet

The next ScotLUG is on Thursday, 25th February 2021. …

It’s FOSDEM - the free and open source developers conference. Some great talks on yesterday (they’ve been recorded) and today. …


That’s a fair point.

I’ve disabled about 90% of the automated posts (the majority were coming from Glasgow news/football sites) as of now - the ones that are kept are from a couple blogs etc - I don’t expect more than 1 post from them every week or two. But I’ll keep an eye on them and disable any that post more/too often.

As soon as we have the functionality to tag accounts as ‘bot’ etc too - I’ll make sure that happens as well.

Hey guys, I’m the admin at lemmy.glasgow.social, just been made aware of this post. I wanted to respond:

I want people to use, for example, https://lemmy.glasgow.social/c/strathbungo as a place to discuss the Strathbungo area in Glasgow - and I’m actively trying to introduce people to the platform.

Until people are made aware of that particular community and it fills with relevant user supplied content, there is a bot that sumarises the RSS feed of a local website (The Bungo Blog) - I was planning to add any other sources that were relevant.

Maybe this isn’t how I should be using Lemmy, it just made sense to me as a way to attract people as a good resource.

I’m more than happy to tag these accounts as bots, or make the posts local only - or whatever I’m able to do (now, or when it’s made available) - just let me know, thanks!

Sean from the meetup group just shared this with me, looks like a decent deal…

End of Year Gathering

The next ScotLUG will be on 17th December. This month, we will be meeting up a little earlier given that people tend to have commitments towards the end of December. …

Ep05 - Open Source in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Glasgow with Dr Bernd Porr

We’re joined by Dr Bernd Porr from the Engineering school of Glasgow University to discuss how and why he has introduced open source to his Biomedical Engineering students. We talk about the importance of teaching open source, especially those not in computer science studies, as well as what would e…

Discovered this project recently, it’s pretty interesting - I particularly like the street view and how it gets rid of those annoying fences at four way intersections. …


Ooh, first federated comment! :) Hello!


Signal is okay but it’s owned by one non-profit company (which you may or may not trust). Matrix is better (https://matrix.org). Matrix is also end to end encrypted and open source, but you can run your own servers (and connect to other servers seamlessly) so you have much more control over your own data.

There is a Glasgow based server here: https://matrix.glasgow.social

A bit of text goes here. The summary of the article…

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